What is the world of Internet objects? Today and tomorrow?

The Internet of Things has the power to change our world. All devices and everyday objects will be connected to the Internet via mobile phones, devices, household appliances.
If some devices such as thermostats, alarm system, smoke detector, refrigerator of our homes are already connected, the evolving impact of the Internet of objects begins to be perceived in our cities.
Within a decade, life will be completely different, according to consulting firm Gartner, Inc., 6.4 billion connected objects will be used worldwide this year, an increase of 30% compared to last year. This figure should more than triple to almost 21 billion by 2020.
Over half of the major new processes and operational systems will incorporate some elements of IoT by 2020, says Gartner. As the cost of “instrumenting” physical objects with sensors and connecting them to other objects – devices, systems and people – continues to decline.
The Internet of the objects will constitute a lever that will allow to go back of effective information in the environments of the consumers and the companies. Its impact will be present in all areas.