Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Because of Internet of things is still a new concept that is in full development, there is no officially definition yet. Some of its parameters economics, social,..are not yet fully evaluated because of his big complexity.
Several explanations are proposed on the web complicating the understanding of the concept.

Internet of things is the meeting between two world’s real and virtual serving as intermediaries between physical, human objects and internet.

Here are different definitions of Internet of things in order to have a good understanding of the term:

Often referred to as Internet of connected things; connected things; Internet of the future;… The connected things are “things with virtual identities and personalities, operating in intelligent spaces and using intelligent interfaces to connect and communicate within a context of various uses. Internet of things refers to the connection of objects to a wider network, either directly eg via WI-FI, through the user s smartphone often via a Bluetooth connection, or through to communication protocols of their own, which would allow objects to communicate with each other.



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