Mobile First, Mobile Only!

Up until recently, mobile technology did only concern consumers, or if people used it for work, it was only for emails.

Today,the huge increase of smartphones and tablets among workers come from a desire to access business data, wherever they are, whenever they want. Business processes, customer interactions and corporate contents are moving to mobile. And this is why we see an explosion of applications and content for the workplace, that end up on this mobile devices. But this is leading to another transition: a few years ago, we designed everything for computers, and then adapt it for mobile phones. Websites, applications… came from computer versions, rearranged for mobile. But this is changing. In order to create more user-friendly and potent applications, you need to think Mobile First, Mobile Only! and PC second. You need an architecture that is purpose-built for mobility, one that includes device management, application management and content management. Mobile First, Mobile Only! companies realize much higher productivity, better competitiveness, better cost-efficiency because they’ve actually designed their business processes around the way that people work. These are the companies that are actually transforming their businesses and their markets and gaining a competitive advantage and leadership in their industries. Whether transforming your customer acquisition strategies, streamlining your business process, or boosting product and service innovations, you can accomplish more by focusing on mobile computing environments first. Xconify offers you true end-to-end mobile solutions. We are here to help you navigate this transition, to make you become a Mobile First, Mobile Only! organization successfully.